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Commercial Hot Melt Dispenser – In Action


Bulk Adhesives Applicator

This machine is designed for hands-free assembly line applications. This applicator holds up to 2 pounds of hot melt adhesive. You can set the time delay relay switch to release the same amount of glue each time the foot pedal is depressed.

This machine is best suited for repeated piece work such as applying a small dab of releasable glue on credit card mailings or any assembly work which requires exact repeatability.

Needle valve nozzle for complete shut off. Adjustable flow control switch. Ideal for pressure sensitive adhesive <i>and</i> regular hot melt adhesives.

An outstanding alternative to hand held guns, this commercial grade glue dispenser will pay for itself many times over with its reliability and ease of use.





Bonding Metals With Hot Melt Glue

Metal is a shiny and non-porous surface, which can be challenging to bond.  Below are a few helpful tips to help you maximize the strength of your gluing application.
Helpful tips:
- Make sure that the hot glue is completely heated in the glue gun.
- Be sure the metal is clean, free of dirt and oils.
- Use mild soapy water to clean the metal, not solvents such as alcohol, acetone, or citrus based cleaners.
- Roughening up the bonding surface will increase adhesion, and give the bond a better “bite” into the surface.
- For metal to metal applications, both metals should be preheated to insure best possible bond. This technique can also be used at any time that the bond does not appear to be holding as well as expected. This may be more evident in colder weather or when the application room temperature is low.
- Allow at least 24 hours before checking the bond.
The three glue formulas that work well for bonding metal are Dent Pulling Glue Sticks, Dura Tac High Strength Glue Sticks, and OmniBond – For Challenging Surfaces.

How To Change A Glue Gun Nozzle



Specialty glue gun nozzles are helpful accessory tools for your hot melt glue gun.  Whether you are gluing in a tight corner or you need to lay down a wider bead of glue, there are assorted nozzles to help you get the job done right.

Changing a glue gun nozzle is easy.  Warm up your glue gun for 2 to 3 minutes.  Unplug the glue gun from the power source, and let it cool for approximately 1 minute.  The glue gun must be warmed up to allow the hardened glue in the nozzle to be melted.

Loosen the nozzle and remove it from the glue gun (if nozzle is difficult to loosen, carefully use an adjustable wrench to remove it, being careful not to damage the nozzle insulator).  To replace with a specialty nozzle, simply screw the threaded end of the nozzle adapter into the specialty nozzle you will be using.  Then take the assembled nozzle with adapter, screw it into the glue gun, and hand-tighten until secure.  A wrench may be used to tighten the nozzle to glue gun, if desired.  Do NOT tighten excessively, this could cause difficulties in changing or removing nozzle in the future.

If you would like to see if these specialty glue gun nozzles fit your glue gun, measure the thread size of your glue gun nozzle and Click Here For More Information.


How Do I Get Rid Of Glue Strings Or Tails?

glue string 2

Glue strings or “tails” can be a nuisance.

Here are eight ways to keep glue strings to a minimum:

1. Be sure that your hot glue gun is completely heated before pulling the trigger.

2. Use high temperature glue sticks in a high temperature glue gun.  Use low temperature glue sticks in a low temperature glue gun.  If your glue gun and glue sticks are mismatched, there may be strings.

3. Most low temperature glues will string to some extent, unless the glue formula states that it is a low stringing or non stringing glue.  The Low Stringing General Purpose Hot Melt Glue Sticks are designed for low, high, and dual temperature glue guns.

4. As you pull the glue gun away from the surface that you are gluing, turn your wrist and the glue gun in a circular motion to cut the string or “tail”.

5. Adjustable Temperature Glue Guns allow you to increase the temperature of the hot glue, which makes most glue formulas thinner in viscosity.  In many cases, thinner and hotter glue produces fewer strings.

6. Use a Non Stick Glue Pad to wipe off any excess build-up of hot glue that may accumulate on the tip of the nozzle.

7. You can also wipe the tip of the glue gun nozzle against the Non Stick Glue Pad to cut the string.

8. A ProHeater Heat Tool can be used to carefully re-melt adhesives, strings, and tails.


Glue Gun Tip #1

Keep the glue gun upright, and use the glue stand.




- If the glue gun is set on its side while it is turned on, the hot glue can spill out of the chamber, and flow into areas inside the glue gun where hot glue was not designed to be.

- The hot glue can drip into the electronics circuit and damage the glue gun.

- Always wait until your glue gun is completely cool before putting it away.

- Take care of your investment, and use the glue stand.

* Have you lost your glue stand?  Click Here


Hot Melt Glue: Product Overview

Hot melt glue has become popular for many crafts and household repairs. Originally developed for commercial applications, hot melt glue has found its way into hundreds of new and innovative uses around the home, shop and in industry. It sets quickly and makes less mess than most other glues and has the unique advantage of being remelted for easy repositioning.

Hot melt glue comes in various grades, types and forms and varies greatly in price. Our least expensive General Purpose Clear Some of the hot melt glue sticks available from www.glu-stix.comis a great value and an outstanding hobby and light packaging glue. This type of glue stick is great for low demand applications, such as gluing eyes on dolls, floral display work, light duty assembly and repairs and is a great way to save money.

Be aware that many “frosty white” bargain style, ultra low cost glue sticks on the market are nothing more than melted polyethylene plastic which contains no actual adhesive. Although very inexpensive, this type of glue is such a low performance product, it’s hardly worth buying. We do not sell this type of glue stick!

As the price goes up a bit, the performance goes up a lot! Our Fast Set and Dura-Tac glues offer outstanding value and uncompromising adhesion in porous to porous surface gluing applications such as carton sealing or woodworking. You pay a little more, use half as much and are guaranteed an outstanding result. Our Fast Set is specifically formulated for carton sealing and woodworking. Our Dura-Tac glue is the strongest non-polyamide glue on the market and is probably the best all around hot melt for the money.

When most other hot melt glues won’t work, our Tuff-Tac hot melt glue product is simply outstanding. It offers unsurpassed adhesion to hard, shiny surfaces, like glass-to-metal or PVC-to-ceramics, etc.

For ultra high demand gluing projects such as high temperature environments, metal to metal, or any non-porous to non-porous requirement,Ultra-Tac polyamide glue is widely regarded as the best in all regards. There is no other glue on the market which is stronger over a wider range of conditions than Ultra-Tac. For more information about polyamide glues such as Ultra-Tac, read our Polyamide Glue Info Sheet.

We also have Colored Glue Sticks and Glitter Sticks which are useful in many creative ways. These glues are primarily for decoration and craft use as they provide only moderate bonding strength.


Hot Melt Glue: Forms and Sizes

Common hot melt glue stick sizes:

Glue Stick Size Application Size comparison showing 1/4", 1/2" and 5/8" General Purpose Glue Sticks
Size comparison showing
1/4″, 1/2″ and 5/8″
General Purpose Glue Sticks
5/16″ or 1/4″ x 4″ Mini Stick 1/4″ Glue Guns
7/16″ or 1/2″ x 4″ Standard 1/2″ Glue Guns
Household or Hobby Use
7/16″ or 1/2″ x 10″ Standard 1/2″ Glue Guns
Commercial or High-Volume Use
5/8″ x 10″ Commercial and Industrial 5/8″ Glue Guns
Bulk Pellets, Pillows, or Chips Glue Pots and Commercial High Volume Applicators
Hot melt glue pellets
Hot Melt Glue Pellets
Hot melt glue chips
Hot Melt Glue Chips
Hot melt glue pillows
Hot Melt Glue Pillows

Hot melt adhesives are sold not only in stick form, but also in pellets, chips, pillows, and blocks for use in commercial bulk applicators. We sell these by the box or by the pallet, and we can supply specialty hot melt glues that are not listed on our website. Contact us for more information concerning your specific requirements.

Number of glue sticks per pound:

Glue Stick Size Approximate
Number of Sticks
per Pound
5/16 or 1/4″ Dia. Mini x 4″ Long 110
7/16″ Dia. x 4″ Long 45
7/16″ or 1/2″ x 10″ Long 18
5/8″ Dia. x 2″ Long 50
5/8″ Dia. x 10″ Long 11
1″ Dia. x 3″ Long 12
1-3/4″ Dia. x 1-3/4″ Long Plugs 8

Adhesive yield per pound of hot melt glue:

Bead Size
(half round)
Linear Feet
per Pound
1/16″ Diameter Bead 1500′ / lb.
1/8″ Diameter Bead 260′ / lb.
3/16″ Diameter Bead 180′ / lb.
1/4″ Diameter Bead 125′ / lb.
3/8″ Diameter Bead 60′ / lb.
1/2″ Diameter Bead 30′ / lb.

Five Myths about Hot Melt Glue Debunked

Some people shy away from using hot melt glue. They think it’s too dangerous, hot, messy, time-consuming or hard. The truth is that it’s easy to use and apply, takes mere moments, comes off easily, and is completely safe.

MYTH #1: It’s Dangerous. Some think that because the glue comes out at temperatures higher than boiling that it’s risky to use. But hot melt glue comes out smoothly and cools quickly, making danger of burning minimal. You can also use The Cool Shot Super Low Temp. Mini Glue Gun orAdjustable Temperature Glue Guns if you have small children about or have clumsy fingers.

MYTH #2: It’s Too Hot. There are several safety features installed on the guns to prevent burning as well, and you can add attachments like different Glue Gun Nozzles to control the amount of glue coming out. Glue guns aren’t just glue guns anymore. For the truly clumsy or concerned there are the Dot Adhesive Runner and Glue Dabs, which require no heat. You can also use Glu-Stix Safety Gloves to make sure no glue gets on your hands.

MYTH #3: It’s Messy. Many people have visions of hot melt glue trailing in wispy strings off their projects, but these days nothing could be further from the truth. With the Detailer Mini Glue Gun, it’s easy to get just the right amount of glue with no residue left over. You can also protect your work surfaces with Non-Stick Pads for Hot Melt Glue and use Glue Pots instead of guns to completely eradicate the risk of stringing.

MYTH #4: It’s Time-Consuming. Why would you take the time to heat up a glue gun, measure the glue, apply the right pressure at the right angle, and secure your items together when you could just slap on some grocery-store glue? Because it’s just as quick and easy to do, and the adhesive actually holds. Guns like the Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun and the Small Light Duty Hot Glue Gun heat up in moments, allowing you to dispense the high-powered adhesive just moments after you’ve plugged in. The extra time at the beginning is nothing compared to the time you’ll spend later re-sticking items that fell off after a shoddy glue job.

MYTH #5: It’s Hard. Average glue-users tend to think glue guns and glue sticks are above their ability level, but using hot melt glue is just as simple as using any other type of adhesive. There are no complex instructions to follow. You simply plug in the gun (or heat it with battery-power when using the Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun), gently press in General Purpose Multi-Temp Glue Sticks, squeeze the trigger and you’re ready to glue.