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Wick Stix – Hot Melt Glue Sticks For Candle Making



Ensuring that your candle wicks stay in place should be a top priority. Wick Stix have excellent tack, and bond well to metal, glass, plastic, and other hard to glue surfaces. This hot melt glue formula has a medium open time, and starts setting quickly upon compression. Wick sticks make candle making easy!




Dual Power Hybrid Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun

hybrid-120kit with case

*Lithium Ion Technology*

The Dual Power Hybrid Industrial Glue Gun can be used as a cordless glue gun or with the option to use an AC power cord. The cordless feature provides the versatility to go anywhere, powered by a high performance 18 Volt Lithium-ion compact battery. Allows up to 1 hour of continuous cordless operating time.

For corded use, connect the 8 foot AC power cord into a 110 volt outlet for applications that require longer continuous use. The Dual Power Hybrid uses a PTC heating system that gives you consistent working temperature and longer run time.




Hot Melt Glue Gun Stand



Keep your work space neat and tidy!  The hot melt glue gun stand keeps your glue gun upright, and and drips off of your work surfaces.

Glue gun stand fits most glue guns, from mini to heavy duty and industrial size glue guns.




MaxxBond – Extended Working Time Hot Melt Glue Sticks



MaxxBond Hot Melt Glue Sticks are a pro-level option for flooring, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and installers. This glue formula is designed for bonding difficult substrates such as, metal, finished concrete, foil coated paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, rubber, leather, vinyl, and wood.
MaxxBond performs well on applications that require a long open time, maximum adhesion, and greater heat/cold temperature resistance for extreme climates.

Designer Hot Melt Glue Guns

mini 3 designer glue guns-merchant genstandard designer glue guns-merch general-


Design In Style — Jazz up your work table or send one as a gift.  These designer glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral and do-it-yourself projects.  Use high temperature glue sticks for bonding to metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, magnet and all non porous material. Remember the higher the temperature the better the bond.  These fancy designs are available in both the Mini Size and Regular Size Glue Guns.


Hot Melt Glue: Background

Hot melt adhesives differ from most other types of glues and adhesives in that the hot melt glue sticks, pellets, or blocks are heated to a molten state for application, and then cool to form a solid bond between the materials being glued. Thermoplastic polymers, plastics which become liquid when heated and re-solidify when cooled, are used as a basis for hot melt glue for their strength and high viscosity.These materials are often not ideal adhesives, however, so other materials such as waxes, stabilizers, and tackifiers are added to fine-tune the adhesive for a specific application.

The packaging, automotive, footwear, and furniture industries use hot melt adhesives extensively. Hot melt glue is also used in a wide variety of manufacturing, commercial, home, craft, and hobby applications. One reason for the popularity of hot melt adhesives is their versatility. Hot melt glue comes in a variety of forms — sticks in many sizes, pellets, chips, beads, blocks, and pillows. The adhesive can be applied using hand or pneumatic operated glue guns, glue pots and skillets, foot-pedal controlled dispensers, wheel coaters, and other specialized equipment.

The short set time of a glue such as our Fast-Set Packaging Glue makes this formulation ideal for high volume manufacturing and packaging lines, while the longer open time of a formulation such as our Dura-Tac High Strength Glue allows assemblers and crafters to position parts more precisely, yet still have the benefit of a strong bond once set. Pressure sensitive, non pressure sensitive, permanent, and fugutive (removable) hot melt adhesives are available in an array of formulations to provide optimal adhesion to almost any surface. Hot melt glue can also be produced with coloring agents added for applications such as material color-matching in manufacturing, movie special effects, and home hobbies and crafts.

Developments in hot melt adhesive technology continue to produce new polymers and glue formulations that provide improved adhesion, physical properties, and additional options for melting, applying, and activating the adhesives. Our Glue Dabs and Specialty Glue Gun are examples of advances in hot melt glue materials and applications.

Advantages of Hot Melt Adhesives:

  • Rapid setting/bonding action
  • Reduced waste
  • Easy dispensing, simple to automate, dispensing equipment not complex or expensive
  • Wide formulation latitude to meet a variety of cost and performance needs
  • Little or no solvent within the adhesive – associated environmental issues avoided
  • Low cost high volume systems
  • Superior seal quality (penetrates most board stock and secures all flaps)
  • Tamper evident packaging (hot melt seal will cause package board fiber to tear when opened)
  • Pilferage resistant (unlike tape, hot melt adhesive seals cannot be opened and resealed without the consumer’s knowledge.)

Disadvantages of Hot Melt Adhesives:

  • Heat required to melt adhesive unsuitable for delicate applications
  • Limited adhesion strength when compared with epoxy, acrylics, polyurethanes, etc.
  • Can be susceptible to creep under load
  • Potential to have poor wetting properties
  • Some hot melt adhesives are susceptible to solvent attack

Hot Melt Glue Uses:

Door Panel Assembly
Sound Deadener Installation
Headliner Assembly
Impact Block Bonding
Carpet Attachment
Seating Build & Assembly

Woodworking & Furniture
Cabinet Assembly
Drawer Bottom Bonding
Vanity Back Assembly
Mirror Assembly
Profile Wrapping
Office Panel Assembly

Case Closing
Tray Forming
Carton Sealing
Bag Sealing
Over Wrapping
Pallet Load Stabilization
Dunnage Assembly

Window Sealing
Pallet Fabrication
Pre-Fab Wall Construction
Trim Installation
Insulation Bonding

Retail & Graphics
Retail Display Assembly
Sales Kit Foam Insert

Bookbinding & Printing
Case Binding
Joint Making
Side Glue
Insert Bonding
Carpet Attachment
Seating Build & Assembly

Potting & Encapsulating
Wire Tacking
Small Component Assembly

End Cap Bonding
Pleat Separation
Seam & Pleat Sealing
Plastic Corrugations

General Assembly
Bag Sealing
Business Forms

And the List Goes On...
Multi-Wall Bag Construction
Flexible Ducting
Flower Arrangement Bonding
Home Repairs
Basket Assembly
Luggage Assembly
Insulation Bonding

Hot Melt Glue: Product Overview

Hot melt glue has become popular for many crafts and household repairs. Originally developed for commercial applications, hot melt glue has found its way into hundreds of new and innovative uses around the home, shop and in industry. It sets quickly and makes less mess than most other glues and has the unique advantage of being remelted for easy repositioning.

Hot melt glue comes in various grades, types and forms and varies greatly in price. Our least expensive General Purpose Clear Some of the hot melt glue sticks available from www.glu-stix.comis a great value and an outstanding hobby and light packaging glue. This type of glue stick is great for low demand applications, such as gluing eyes on dolls, floral display work, light duty assembly and repairs and is a great way to save money.

Be aware that many “frosty white” bargain style, ultra low cost glue sticks on the market are nothing more than melted polyethylene plastic which contains no actual adhesive. Although very inexpensive, this type of glue is such a low performance product, it’s hardly worth buying. We do not sell this type of glue stick!

As the price goes up a bit, the performance goes up a lot! Our Fast Set and Dura-Tac glues offer outstanding value and uncompromising adhesion in porous to porous surface gluing applications such as carton sealing or woodworking. You pay a little more, use half as much and are guaranteed an outstanding result. Our Fast Set is specifically formulated for carton sealing and woodworking. Our Dura-Tac glue is the strongest non-polyamide glue on the market and is probably the best all around hot melt for the money.

When most other hot melt glues won’t work, our Tuff-Tac hot melt glue product is simply outstanding. It offers unsurpassed adhesion to hard, shiny surfaces, like glass-to-metal or PVC-to-ceramics, etc.

For ultra high demand gluing projects such as high temperature environments, metal to metal, or any non-porous to non-porous requirement,Ultra-Tac polyamide glue is widely regarded as the best in all regards. There is no other glue on the market which is stronger over a wider range of conditions than Ultra-Tac. For more information about polyamide glues such as Ultra-Tac, read our Polyamide Glue Info Sheet.

We also have Colored Glue Sticks and Glitter Sticks which are useful in many creative ways. These glues are primarily for decoration and craft use as they provide only moderate bonding strength.


Five Myths about Hot Melt Glue Debunked

Some people shy away from using hot melt glue. They think it’s too dangerous, hot, messy, time-consuming or hard. The truth is that it’s easy to use and apply, takes mere moments, comes off easily, and is completely safe.

MYTH #1: It’s Dangerous. Some think that because the glue comes out at temperatures higher than boiling that it’s risky to use. But hot melt glue comes out smoothly and cools quickly, making danger of burning minimal. You can also use The Cool Shot Super Low Temp. Mini Glue Gun orAdjustable Temperature Glue Guns if you have small children about or have clumsy fingers.

MYTH #2: It’s Too Hot. There are several safety features installed on the guns to prevent burning as well, and you can add attachments like different Glue Gun Nozzles to control the amount of glue coming out. Glue guns aren’t just glue guns anymore. For the truly clumsy or concerned there are the Dot Adhesive Runner and Glue Dabs, which require no heat. You can also use Glu-Stix Safety Gloves to make sure no glue gets on your hands.

MYTH #3: It’s Messy. Many people have visions of hot melt glue trailing in wispy strings off their projects, but these days nothing could be further from the truth. With the Detailer Mini Glue Gun, it’s easy to get just the right amount of glue with no residue left over. You can also protect your work surfaces with Non-Stick Pads for Hot Melt Glue and use Glue Pots instead of guns to completely eradicate the risk of stringing.

MYTH #4: It’s Time-Consuming. Why would you take the time to heat up a glue gun, measure the glue, apply the right pressure at the right angle, and secure your items together when you could just slap on some grocery-store glue? Because it’s just as quick and easy to do, and the adhesive actually holds. Guns like the Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun and the Small Light Duty Hot Glue Gun heat up in moments, allowing you to dispense the high-powered adhesive just moments after you’ve plugged in. The extra time at the beginning is nothing compared to the time you’ll spend later re-sticking items that fell off after a shoddy glue job.

MYTH #5: It’s Hard. Average glue-users tend to think glue guns and glue sticks are above their ability level, but using hot melt glue is just as simple as using any other type of adhesive. There are no complex instructions to follow. You simply plug in the gun (or heat it with battery-power when using the Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun), gently press in General Purpose Multi-Temp Glue Sticks, squeeze the trigger and you’re ready to glue.


The Difference Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Glue Guns

Repairing furniture, attaching fabrics together, crafting and more — glue guns have so many uses it’s no wonder they’re a staple in so many homes. But how do you know whether to use an indusctrial glue gun like the Hysol Pneumatic Hot Melt Applicator, an intermediateglue gun like theMedium Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun or a low-temperature glue gun like the Cool Shot Super Low Temp. Mini Glue Gun? Really, it depends on what you are using it for.

First and foremost, consider safety. A normal high-temperature glue gun can get up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, which means third degree burns should a mistake be made. Industrial strength glue guns run an even higher temperature. When using these guns, watch out for children and take precautions to guard your skin on the off-chance that a bit of glue ends up where you don’t expect it. Low temperature glue guns range from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Understand that while a burn from these guns won’t necessarily send you to the hospital, it still won’t be pleasant. Always use your glue gun with care.

Next, consider your task. If you need a gun for large jobs like repairing house siding or floorboards, you’ll want a high-power gun like the Pneumatic Industrial Glue Gun. For normal repairs and heavier crafting, opt for an industry standard like the Heavy Duty High Temperature Glue Gun. These guns provide a strong and unyielding bond. Kids’ crafts and delicate artwork gluing should be handled gently with a lower temperature gun like the Photo Mount Super Low Temp. Mini Glue Gun, which will ensure that no damage is done to the material on which you are working.

Since no one wants to have dozens of glue guns to choose from, several models, such as the Adjustable Temperature Glue Guns and even theMini Hot Melt Glue Gun, come with both high and low temperature options at just the flip of a switch!

Understand that most glue sticks are designed to work best at the standard of 380 degree Fahrenheit, so use specialty sticks like the Low Temperature Packaging Glue Sticks for the best results. You could also buy sticks like the General Purpose Multi-Temp Glue Sticks which will work well at whatever temperature you choose.