Hot Melt Glue Guns, Glue Sticks, and Accessories

Hot Melt Glue Gun Stand



Keep your work space neat and tidy!  The hot melt glue gun stand keeps your glue gun upright, and and drips off of your work surfaces.

Glue gun stand fits most glue guns, from mini to heavy duty and industrial size glue guns.




MaxxBond – Extended Working Time Hot Melt Glue Sticks



MaxxBond Hot Melt Glue Sticks are a pro-level option for flooring, woodworkers, cabinet makers, and installers. This glue formula is designed for bonding difficult substrates such as, metal, finished concrete, foil coated paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, rubber, leather, vinyl, and wood.
MaxxBond performs well on applications that require a long open time, maximum adhesion, and greater heat/cold temperature resistance for extreme climates.

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Bonding Metals With Hot Melt Glue

Metal is a shiny and non-porous surface, which can be challenging to bond.  Below are a few helpful tips to help you maximize the strength of your gluing application.
Helpful tips:
- Make sure that the hot glue is completely heated in the glue gun.
- Be sure the metal is clean, free of dirt and oils.
- Use mild soapy water to clean the metal, not solvents such as alcohol, acetone, or citrus based cleaners.
- Roughening up the bonding surface will increase adhesion, and give the bond a better “bite” into the surface.
- For metal to metal applications, both metals should be preheated to insure best possible bond. This technique can also be used at any time that the bond does not appear to be holding as well as expected. This may be more evident in colder weather or when the application room temperature is low.
- Allow at least 24 hours before checking the bond.
The three glue formulas that work well for bonding metal are Dent Pulling Glue Sticks, Dura Tac High Strength Glue Sticks, and OmniBond – For Challenging Surfaces.

How To Change A Glue Gun Nozzle



Specialty glue gun nozzles are helpful accessory tools for your hot melt glue gun.  Whether you are gluing in a tight corner or you need to lay down a wider bead of glue, there are assorted nozzles to help you get the job done right.

Changing a glue gun nozzle is easy.  Warm up your glue gun for 2 to 3 minutes.  Unplug the glue gun from the power source, and let it cool for approximately 1 minute.  The glue gun must be warmed up to allow the hardened glue in the nozzle to be melted.

Loosen the nozzle and remove it from the glue gun (if nozzle is difficult to loosen, carefully use an adjustable wrench to remove it, being careful not to damage the nozzle insulator).  To replace with a specialty nozzle, simply screw the threaded end of the nozzle adapter into the specialty nozzle you will be using.  Then take the assembled nozzle with adapter, screw it into the glue gun, and hand-tighten until secure.  A wrench may be used to tighten the nozzle to glue gun, if desired.  Do NOT tighten excessively, this could cause difficulties in changing or removing nozzle in the future.

If you would like to see if these specialty glue gun nozzles fit your glue gun, measure the thread size of your glue gun nozzle and Click Here For More Information.


Designer Hot Melt Glue Guns

mini 3 designer glue guns-merchant genstandard designer glue guns-merch general-


Design In Style — Jazz up your work table or send one as a gift.  These designer glue guns are ideal for crafts, floral and do-it-yourself projects.  Use high temperature glue sticks for bonding to metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, magnet and all non porous material. Remember the higher the temperature the better the bond.  These fancy designs are available in both the Mini Size and Regular Size Glue Guns.


Hot Melt Glue Mardi Gras Masks


Mardi Gras is February 17, 2015

Kathy Cano-Murrllo at the Arizona Republic wrote this great article for us about making Halloween and Mardi Gras masks.  Kathy is also known as the CraftyChica at


Hot glue art is one of those things that make you go, “Hmm, how in the world do they do that?” – and the answer is easier than you think. It all comes down to a non-stick hot glue pad.

The primary purpose of the pad is to serve as a tidy place to rest your glue gun during crafting sessions. When it’s time to clean up, you simply peel off the glue guck.

I recently bought one and had an “aha” moment. The pad is clear, which means you can slip any kind of pattern underneath and trace out the design with the hot glue. Let it cool, peel it off and you have one very cool result. This application can be used for everything from wrist cuffs and chokers to ornaments and art embellishments. But seeing that it’s the Halloween season, I went with spider webs and eye masks. And just like M&Ms, glue sticks come in assorted colors and solid or glittered textures. You can pick up the non-stick pad and multicolored packages of glue sticks at a craft store or visit


Mardi Gras or Halloween Eye Mask Supplies:

1 Hot Glue Gun

2 Hot Glue Sticks, contrasting colors

1 eye mask pattern

1 Non Stick Glue Gun Pad

Gems, plastic spiders, bats (optional)


DIRECTIONS: Heat up the glue gun and insert both glue sticks. To create a two-tone effect, put the base color in the gun first, followed by the top color. Cut out the pattern and place it under the pad so the design shows through. Using the glue gun on the pad, trace over the outer lines and eye holes of the pattern by squeezing the glue in thick even lines. Now fill in the mask by squeezing the glue in swirls and squiggles throughout the mask. Make sure not to cover the eye holes. The second color will eventually come through; at that point add gems or plastic spiders if desired. Squeeze out two “rings” at each side of the mask so you can tie ribbon on later. Let cool for 15 minutes. Carefully peel the mask off the pad. Remove any hanging glue strings. Cut off two 10-inch pieces of ribbon and tie to each end of the mask.

TIPS AND VARIATIONS: Don’t try to remove the mask before it is fully cooled, otherwise it will pull apart. Heat up a second glue gun if you want to make several masks with different colors at the same time. Use a mini gun for thinner lines. Instead of masks, you can make personalized spider webs with short words or names of family members. A spider web choker would be fun.


How Do I Get Rid Of Glue Strings Or Tails?

glue string 2

Glue strings or “tails” can be a nuisance.

Here are eight ways to keep glue strings to a minimum:

1. Be sure that your hot glue gun is completely heated before pulling the trigger.

2. Use high temperature glue sticks in a high temperature glue gun.  Use low temperature glue sticks in a low temperature glue gun.  If your glue gun and glue sticks are mismatched, there may be strings.

3. Most low temperature glues will string to some extent, unless the glue formula states that it is a low stringing or non stringing glue.  The Low Stringing General Purpose Hot Melt Glue Sticks are designed for low, high, and dual temperature glue guns.

4. As you pull the glue gun away from the surface that you are gluing, turn your wrist and the glue gun in a circular motion to cut the string or “tail”.

5. Adjustable Temperature Glue Guns allow you to increase the temperature of the hot glue, which makes most glue formulas thinner in viscosity.  In many cases, thinner and hotter glue produces fewer strings.

6. Use a Non Stick Glue Pad to wipe off any excess build-up of hot glue that may accumulate on the tip of the nozzle.

7. You can also wipe the tip of the glue gun nozzle against the Non Stick Glue Pad to cut the string.

8. A ProHeater Heat Tool can be used to carefully re-melt adhesives, strings, and tails.


Glue Gun Tip #1

Keep the glue gun upright, and use the glue stand.




- If the glue gun is set on its side while it is turned on, the hot glue can spill out of the chamber, and flow into areas inside the glue gun where hot glue was not designed to be.

- The hot glue can drip into the electronics circuit and damage the glue gun.

- Always wait until your glue gun is completely cool before putting it away.

- Take care of your investment, and use the glue stand.

* Have you lost your glue stand?  Click Here


Three Craft Projects for Beginners

You don’t have to be an expert crafter to pull off professional-level decorations for your home and office. Floral arrangements, wood carvings, sculptures and many other projects can be rendered flawless with a few dabs of glue from a crafting gun like the easily-handled Light Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun.

Seasonal Wreaths: Whether you want a holiday wreath adorned with holly and fake snow, a harvest wreath with colored leaves and corn or simply an all-occasion welcome wreath to hang from your front door, if you simply heat up the Light Duty Hot Melt Glue Gun or even the Detailer Mini Glue Gun, you can attach any decorations to your base without leaving a trace of messy glue showing.

Do It Yourself Bedazzling: If you have small children, they may want to dress up their clothes for special occasions, or just for playing in the dirt. With the Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun, you can easily attach plastic jewels, buttons, fabric and more to their clothing, giving them a unique look. Let them help pick out their own! Make sure to use the Jewelry Hot Melt Glue Sticks for a look that lasts.

Collages: Hot melt glue isn’t just for sticking things together anymore. The glue itself can help bring a collage or scrapbook together. Attach your pictures, movie stubs, and memories to the sheets and enhance them with Colored Hot Melt Glue Sticks or Glitter Hot Melt Glue Sticks. Why paint around your glue when you could use your glue as paint?