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Five Myths about Hot Melt Glue Debunked

Some people shy away from using hot melt glue. They think it’s too dangerous, hot, messy, time-consuming or hard. The truth is that it’s easy to use and apply, takes mere moments, comes off easily, and is completely safe.

MYTH #1: It’s Dangerous. Some think that because the glue comes out at temperatures higher than boiling that it’s risky to use. But hot melt glue comes out smoothly and cools quickly, making danger of burning minimal. You can also use The Cool Shot Super Low Temp. Mini Glue Gun orAdjustable Temperature Glue Guns if you have small children about or have clumsy fingers.

MYTH #2: It’s Too Hot. There are several safety features installed on the guns to prevent burning as well, and you can add attachments like different Glue Gun Nozzles to control the amount of glue coming out. Glue guns aren’t just glue guns anymore. For the truly clumsy or concerned there are the Dot Adhesive Runner and Glue Dabs, which require no heat. You can also use Glu-Stix Safety Gloves to make sure no glue gets on your hands.

MYTH #3: It’s Messy. Many people have visions of hot melt glue trailing in wispy strings off their projects, but these days nothing could be further from the truth. With the Detailer Mini Glue Gun, it’s easy to get just the right amount of glue with no residue left over. You can also protect your work surfaces with Non-Stick Pads for Hot Melt Glue and use Glue Pots instead of guns to completely eradicate the risk of stringing.

MYTH #4: It’s Time-Consuming. Why would you take the time to heat up a glue gun, measure the glue, apply the right pressure at the right angle, and secure your items together when you could just slap on some grocery-store glue? Because it’s just as quick and easy to do, and the adhesive actually holds. Guns like the Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun and the Small Light Duty Hot Glue Gun heat up in moments, allowing you to dispense the high-powered adhesive just moments after you’ve plugged in. The extra time at the beginning is nothing compared to the time you’ll spend later re-sticking items that fell off after a shoddy glue job.

MYTH #5: It’s Hard. Average glue-users tend to think glue guns and glue sticks are above their ability level, but using hot melt glue is just as simple as using any other type of adhesive. There are no complex instructions to follow. You simply plug in the gun (or heat it with battery-power when using the Cordless High Temperature Glue Gun), gently press in General Purpose Multi-Temp Glue Sticks, squeeze the trigger and you’re ready to glue.